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The Heat Is On!

Summer is on us and he heat index reminds us that fun in the sun is what’s on the agenda. Many of our Hus faith family will be traveling and scheduling outdoor events and trips. The Ramos family will celebrate Vincent and Tracy’s wedding and enjoy having Mom and Dad here for a week. This will be a special time!

The Session will be busy making decisions that will cause Hus to have a Music Ministry Makeover with the resignations of Doug, Cindy and Ruth. God is leading them in other music opportunities that only He knows if at present. Please pray for them and Hus as we do something that has not had to be done in 32 years. We wish Doug and Cindy Page the best as well as Ruth Halterman as they leave their responsibilities here at Hus.

Please join me in praying for Gods direction as we replace Worship Leader, Choir Director and Organist here at Hus. It will be an interesting challenge to begin the process of this makeover in the area of music, worship and praise. Please remember to be in prayer and keep God first throughout your summer activities. Our interim Worship Team will take on extra duty in Doug, Cindy and Ruth’s absence. Please keep them in your prayers as well. Thank you Denise, Patti, Heather, Marilyn and David! Enjoy and see you at 9:30 am each Sunday at Hus Church!

Pastor Mel Ramos



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