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Lenten Season and Easter

Consider this Easter seeing Jesus as the non violent terrorist of his day. The title of terrorist is used wildly and widely. Depending on what side you come from the title can be used to describe your opposition. Throughout history the tool and methodology most used is violence, intimidation and fear. I’m sure there were those who saw Jesus as a very present and powerful threat! The Jewish religious leaders, Herod, Pilate, Caesar and more.

The tool and methodology Jesus chose was love. It still cost his life. The purpose was to establish His Kingdom not of this world with precepts beyond human effort. Those chosen to follow Him will never be popular nor safe because loving His way demands the death of self!

That strikes terror in the hearts of most of us…The reality and power of the resurrection makes it not only possible but preferable! Happy Lenten Season!!! Join us at Hus Church and grow your faith!

Pastor Mel Ramos


“Faith does not struggle; faith lets God do it all.”


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