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Stress – The Silent Killer

No matter what age you are we are discovering something that Doctors are describing as the Silent Killer, Stress. Dr. Martin V. Cohen, PhD. has written an article that deals with this thing called stress. He writes that we experience various levels of stress each and every day. The way we deal with it or how we react to it is what can cause great damage to our physical and mental health. God’s word the Bible can provide a wealth of truth that can help us deal with stress, anxiety and be free of its damaging effects. My next sermon series “God’s Plan for Stress Free Living” will focus on Biblical truth that will impact our faith and help us deal with the stressors of life so we can eliminate the damage that it causes. As the holiday season comes on us it can also create stress that can rob us of the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that Jesus our Lord and Savior was sent to bring us! Join me each Sunday at 9:30 am at Hus Church and bring a friend that may need to hear these Biblical truths that point us to Christ and His power in us to live stress free lives!

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Pastor Mel Ramos



“Jesus did not come to make God’s love possible, but to make God’s love visible.”


Children’s Christmas Pageant

Join us as our youth put on a Christmas pageant entitled, “The Birth of Jesus” on Sunday, December 21st during the service.


Join us for a service on Christmas Eve at either 6 or 11pm!

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