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Radical Faith

The book of Acts gives us a picture of what “Radical Faith” looks like. This past Sunday, October 27th, we focused in on the life, ministry and martyrdom of Stephen. He was known as the “Winsome Radical”. He was not an angry person but his knowledge of the scriptures and his acceptance of Jesus as the foretold Messiah made sure he stood out to the Jewish religious leaders. They wanted to end this new movement called “The Way” begun by this Jesus by killing and imprisoning of its followers. They killed Stephen by stoning and one of the participating bystanders was Saul. Yes this was the Saul that would become one of Christianity’s greatest followers and writer of most of the New Testament. “Radical Faith” is what characterized these early Church leaders and believers. The power of Gods Holy Spirit that indwelt the believers caused them to live out a “Radical Faith”. This “Radical Faith” made this new Faith Community grow and spread throughout the known world. This “Radical Faith” is what is needed in today’s Church. Join us each Sunday as I teach on the principles that made the Early Church such a powerful Community of Faith filled with ordinary men and women live out a “Radical Faith”. Through this Thanksgiving and Christmas season we will learn that “Radical Faith” is the norm and not the exception. Come and join us as we learn together and celebrate an exciting and glorious time of year!

Your Pastor, Mel Ramos

“When you are down to nothing, God is up to something!” -anonymous

Hus Youth Ministry News

Gatherings– Hus Youth Ministry gatherings will be Wednesday’s November 6th and 20th and December 4th and 18th starting at 5:30 pm and ending at 6:30 pm.

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Ecumenical Service

Wednesday, November 27th at 7PM at Hus Church. Join us for a combined Ecumenical Service with St Lumila’s, Asbury United Methodist  and Hope Lutheran.


Christmas Eve Service

Join us for a service of lessons and carols on Christmas Eve at 11PM.


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