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Search Me, O God!

In Psalm 139:23-24 we find a great reminder! King David had a very intimate relationship with God. He knew that he was a man subject to falling into the challenges of being faithful to God. His heart was willing but his flesh was weak. King David cries out to God and asks Him to search his heart. He knew only God could give him perfect advice. He could not trust his own heart. It is the same with you and I! Just as King David cried out to God to search him, we too must do the same. I’ll be preaching on “The Journey of Faith” this summer. I will take stories from the Gospels to help us remain faithful on our own journey of faith! Please remember to ask God to search your heart! Only God by his Holy Spirit can point out what in your life needs attention and where you need help! He will make sure you get the help you need from His Holy Spirit! We can grow in faith as we journey towards Him! Join me each Sunday at 9:30 am and let’s journey together!

Pastor Mel Ramos



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