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Yes I say hallelujah because I’ve survived my 5th episode of kidney and bladder stones in 6 years! I say hallelujah also because each day gets us closer to Spring!!! This has been a brutal winter and I am so ready to move on to Spring. With Spring comes the Lenten season and our preparation for Palm Sunday and Easter! There is so much hope in this time of year. As we travel our faith journey we can celebrate the wondrous truth that Jesus is ALIVE! As exciting as this truth is we are all faced with the real important question. That is, is  He Alive in YOU?

It is my prayer and Gods purpose that He is. Join us this Lenten season at Hus Church as we celebrate this wonderful truth of hope and salvation!


Pastor Mel Ramos


“He who claims never to have doubted does not know what faith is, for faith is forged through doubt.”

—Paul Tournier

Join us for our Maundy Thursday Service on April 17th at 7pm.

Last Supper


Easter morning, April 20th we will have an Easter Morning Fellowship Snack Time starting at 8:45 am. The Easter Service will begin at 9:30 am.



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