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The Road Most Often Rejected

When God considered how to leave man the most important example to follow he chose the road most often rejected, servanthood and sacrifice. Jesus, God in human form, came not only to save us but to leave a living example to help us understand what is most important in life. Success in life is defined by the road Jesus chose, servanthood and sacrifice. He served his Fathers purpose by sacrificing his life for us all. Jesus chose the road most often rejected and changed history. It’s the beginning of a new year 2015, there are many roads to choose; which road are you on?

Your Pastor,

Pastor Mel Ramos


A Well-Balanced Church

The owner of a new puppy got a good laugh when the little dog, out for a walk, had an itch. The trouble was that the itchy spot was accessible only to a hind leg. So, while still walking, the pup tried to scratch and tumbled over, rolling a couple of times before coming to rest.

In several places throughout Scripture, the apostle Paul writes about the church as the body of Christ, and of the importance of each member. Just as the dog needed each leg to stay balanced while walking, so the church needs all the different God-given gifts of its members: preachers and teachers, friendly visitors, generous givers, musicians and singers, wise parents and imaginative children, people to produce and distribute meals, newsletters, lesson materials, and on and on.

When we start thinking that some part of Christ’s body isn’t necessary, we risk taking quite a tumble!


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