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Ministry to youth has many challenges especially in the past several decades.  There is never a more volatile time of life then when young teens begin establishing their own faith journey. Up to this point many teens have been riding on the faith coat tails of their parents. When a teen reaches Junior High and High School that all begins to change. The teachings of the Church and Parents take on a less important place in many teens lives. Fitting in and finding their own path is more what teens are faced with. The teachings of Christ are challenged in school and in their own personal lives. Here at Hus Church we are aware that these challenges are taking place and our Youth Ministry is designed to provide a safe and stable place where teens can stretch their faith muscles and even attempt to spread their faith wings and fly. At times they may seem to fly in opposite directions but in reality we want them to be able and willing to face our traditional teachings and learn to make them their own. As you may remember these are tumultuous times and can be difficult for both teens and parents. Hus Youth Ministry works with parents and teens as they try to make their way. We believe that Youth Ministry works best when it is grounded in the truth of God’s word, bathed in believing prayer and does not run in the face of faith questioning.

Youth grow best when they know they are loved, accepted and understood. Here at Hus Youth Ministry these three goals are met by cultivating a safe, open and inviting environment for discussion of Gods truth and honest questions about faith and how it fits in a rapidly changing world. Come and join us as we “Do Life Together” and “Care, Share and Grow”!

We meet at Hus Church every other Wednesday evening from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. Each gathering is designed to open young minds to “Truth” and learn new ways to make that truth part of their lives!

Confirmation Class

2013 Confirmants

Back Row: Kyle Porter, Nicholas Snyder.
Front Row: Calvin Boman, David Boman, Lincoln Currie

For more information about Youth Ministry, contact the church office:
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