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Are We On the Verge of Cataclysmic Times?

Have you lost sleep over what the future holds? Do you sense fear creeping up into your mind and heart as you see the world’s circumstances growing more chaotic?  If your answer is yes then it’s time to open the book- The Bible and see what God has revealed to set our minds and hearts at peace in these troubling times. I will be starting a sermon series that will look at what Jesus really said about end times. Join me as we uncover the words of Jesus that will help us gain peace in the midst of chaos! Starting October through the beginning of Advent each Sunday morning at 9:30 am. Bring your Bible and an open heart to hear what Jesus said.

God bless us all!!!
Pastor Mel Ramos


“God made you as you are in order to use you as he planned.”

—J.C. Macauley


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