Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: Invite, Equip, and Inspire

Our mission is to be a living display of God’s love so that we may invite people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ, equip them through knowing the Word and living in the Spirit to become authentic disciples of Jesus, and to inspire them to daring and imaginative lives of service and mission in the name of Jesus Christ, the Lord of all and the only Savior of the world.

Core Values

Proclaiming Christ in the World

Believing Christ is the one true way to God, we go into the world to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to all seekers, attracting them to a life of discipleship through what we say and do.

Living Life United In Christ

Believing Christ to be uniquely present with His people, we seek to be an inviting, loving community of Christ’s disciples, who are led and gifted by the Holy Spirit, and who care for one another, support one another, encourage one another, admonish one another, and forgive one another.

Celebrating God’s Love

Believing God to be the Creator of all, we glorify and enjoy God by gathering together to celebrate God’s love through joyful thanks and grateful praise.

Living And Growing In Word And Spirit

Believing God speaks to us clearly and definitely through God’s Word, the Bible, and that God’s life is poured into us through the Holy Spirit, we commit ourselves to growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ, and seek to live in ways that demonstrate the power of God’s Spirit to transform lives.

Serving Faithfully In Christ’s Name

Believing Christ continues His ministry of love, reconciliation, redemption, and hope through His people, we offer our lives, just as Christ offered His, in service to others and to the world.

Submitting Our Resources To The Reign Of God

Believing Jesus Christ is the Lord of all life, and that a time will come when the whole world will exalt and confess His holy name, we earnestly submit our wills, our hearts, our minds, our work, our time, our possession, our money, and all our resources to Him in order to invite as many people as possible to enter into the kingdom of God.


The vision of Hus Church is to be a dynamic congregation with many kinds of people whose lives are united in total and passionate commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord, Leader, and Savior.

We will be a people who gather together in joy and in love, celebrating God’s presence in our lives through worship that is attractive to seekers and believers alike, proclaiming to today’s world the Good News of Jesus Christ.

We will be faithful in our study of the Bible, so we will know in our hearts and minds the truth of God’s Word, and we will be guided by this truth in all we say and do.

We will be known for living in the power of the Holy Spirit, who transforms us and who sends us out into the world to speak of Christ and to serve others in His name.

We will be open and honest about our successes and failures, relying completely upon God’s grace in Jesus Christ to sustain us in our relationships with each other and with those who are struggling in the world around us.

We will be the living body of Christ reaching out to offer ourselves in service to others in Christ’s name, and we will demonstrate our trust in God by doing God’s will in the world through daring, imaginative, and innovative mission.

With this vision, we pray God’s blessing to become a congregation offering multiple opportunities for worship in various styles and locations that are effective in attracting many kinds of people and are pleasing to God. All worship services associated with Hus Church must be INSPIRING: Inviting, Nurturing, Scriptural, Participatory, Innovative, Relevant, Inclusive, Noteworthy, and Genuine.

  • With this vision, we pray God’s blessing to be a congregation of committed disciples who are continually seeking to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Each member will be a student of the Bible, seeking through prayer and study to find God’s will in their lives, and will meet with others to develop their personal character and spiritual gifts while opening themselves to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • With this vision, we pray God’s blessing to become a congregation with a network of small groups that provide fellowship, learning, encouragement, mission support, recreation, and caring for one another. These groups will be the primary vehicles for involving new members into the life of the congregation. Membership in Hus Church will be known as an informed, meaningful commitment that is nurtured through deepening relationships with other disciples who are growing in the Word and being led by the Spirit.
  • With this vision, we pray God’s blessing to become a congregation of members who are passionate about their ministries. Persons who share a similar call will serve together in ministry teams who support the vision and values of Hus Church. Task forces will be formed to address clear and temporary tasks that are necessary for the life of the congregation. The staff and session will provide oversight of these ministries through clarifying vision, developing and equipping leaders, spiritual guidance, evoking spiritual gifts, supportive prayer, and biblical teaching.
  • With this vision, we pray God’s blessing to become a church that sends people out to participate in mission service in Cedar Rapids and throughout the world. We will communicate and celebrate the amazing works of God. As a people known for being diligent and courageous, we will work in unity with all who serve faithfully in the name of Jesus Christ and for the glory of God. All the spiritual, financial, and physical resources of Hus Church will be committed to inviting all people everywhere to experience and advance the Reign of God in their lives.