About Hus

Hus Memorial Presbyterian Church
2808 Schaeffer Dr. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Phone: 319.363.0067
Toll Free: 888.622.0665

Sunday Services

9:30 AM – A Celebration of God’s Love
Worship at Hus Church is contemporary with traditional elements blended in. Our goal is to be more inspirational rather than fit a particular style of worship. In the spirit of the teachings of John Hus, the 15th century reformer and martyr for whom this church is named, we do emphasize an open time of sharing with the frequent celebration of the Lord’s Supper.

The Sunday morning service is approximately 70 to 75 minutes in length. People are encouraged to get up or sit down when they need to, while being thoughtful of those persons nearby. Our desire is for each worship participant to focus on the praise of God and to sense the presence of Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

At Hus Church we honor all kinds of expressions of worship. So feel free to raise your hands in praise, sit still in reflection, dance and clap your hands during songs, shout “Amen” in agreement, or humbly meditate in quiet formality.